National Optical Model 162-P,   PLAN Objectives,  College Level

National Optical Model 162-P, PLAN Objectives, College Level

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National Optical Model 162-P,   PLAN Objectives,  College Level
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Superior in design and in performance, the 160 series incorporates a wide range of features designed for university and laboratory use. Superb optical clarity and reliable mechanical engineering assure years of top performance. PLAN Objective lenses deliver excellent clarity and normal flatness of field.
Coaxial coarse and fine focus.
Widefield 10x /18mm eyepieces, pointer standard in one eyepiece. Accepts optional #965-160 eyepiece reticle.
Mechanical stage with specimen holder
Binocular viewing head with 30 degree inclined eyepieces, with dual diopters, interpupillary adjustment 54mm to 76mm, rotates 360 degree for easy sharing by more than one student.
DIN standard 4x (0.10 N.A.), 10x (0.25 N.A.), 40xR (0.65 N.A.) and 100xR oil immersion (1.25 N.A.) achromatic objectives. All are parfocalled, parcentered and color-coded.
Quad objective turret is ball-bearing mounted for smooth, precise positioning of objectives, features textured rubber knurling for easy grip. Mounted in reverse position to facilitate ease in changing slides.
12v 20 watt halogen with variable rheostat control.
Illuminated on/off switch, 3-wire grounded cord and plug.
0.5A time delay fuse.
With instruction brochure and vinyl dustcover
Lifetime limited warranty, excluding bulb, cord, and fuse.

Features Benefits
Binocular Head Less eyestrain over long use
PLAN Objectives Flatter field of view
College Level Microscope Meets College/University Requirements

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